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The Cold Long Night Moon - AUSTIN


Sunset at Lady Bird Lake - AUSTIN


Geminid Meteor Shower 2020 - AUSTIN





Corfe Castle - ENGLAND



New York - NEW YORK

This was captured over midtown from my first ever helicopter ride in New York City.

We took off in a hurry, trying to make it over the city in time for sunset.

Unfortunately we missed it completely and began to feel a little concerned as we noticed a storm approaching from New Jersey.

As darkness fell the winds started to pick up. It was pretty scary being in a small helicopter. We were exposed to the elements, with the doors off and a few hundred feet above the city, looking down on the bustling streets below.

The pilot did his best to give us a worthwhile trip, but after we did a small spiral and swung from side to side it was definitely time to head home.

This was one of the last photos I took on that trip and it's now one of my favorite memories as I relive that particularly frightening moment.

Sunrise - HAWAII

Some of the best sunrises I have ever witnessed were along the volcanic shores of Hawaii.

On this particular morning I was scrambling over the rocks trying to find a puddle to achieve a reflection shot and after much searching I was lucky enough to find this awesome rock pool.

As the sun rose above the horizon the sky exploded with colors. I was so excited I forgot where I was and ended up with very wet shoes as I slipped into the rock pool while adjusting for the shot.

Moab - UTAH

This photo was taken at one of my favorite places on the planet.

From a very precarious position, hanging on to a cliff face, I was able to zoom through the arch and capture the snowcapped La Sal Mountains in just the right position.

If you haven't been to Arches National Park yet then you must add it to your list!!



10 available

Custom large metal print

Signed and numbered 1-10

Email me directly for this special offer:


The Milky Way #1

It was June 2020 and a beautiful sunny day in Prescott, Arizona.

I looked at the weather app which predicted clear skies and a new moon for that evening so I scouted the area to find the perfect spot to shoot the milky way overhead later that night.

After a full day researching I found this secluded lake and dock which I knew would provide the best opportunity to set up.

Around midnight I retraced my steps and hiked for an hour into the darkness. The stars were out and the Milky Way was incredibly visible overhead. I couldn't wait to set up and get snapping!!

By 1:30am it was getting pretty cold and the noises coming from the surrounding woodlands were getting closer and closer. I packed up my gear and started walking back. Im not sure what animal was waiting for me but its was big!!

It's eyes, lit up by my torch, will forever be burned into my memory. I backed away and managed to find the correct path back to base, happy to be alive and edit some photos.

Venice - ITALY

Whenever I get up early I hope for a nice vibrant sunrise, but obviously that doesn't happen most of the time!

On this particular morning I was more in awe of how quiet the streets of Venice were.

I had been there a couple of days and was getting pretty tired of the insane amount of tourists that crammed the narrow streets.

This photo captured quite the opposite. Such a calm and peaceful moment. 

Supersonic SoCo - AUSTIN


20 available

Custom large metal print

Signed and numbered 1-20

In the midst of the coronavirus I wanted to capture something positive that represents our collective ability to overcome anything.

I hope this image portrays exactly that and motivates the viewer to drive forward, no matter what life throws at them.

The Taj Mahal, INDIA

I had been shooting a music festival in India and was absolutely exhausted. The thought of driving 5 hours through the night to see a building was not as appealing as some much needed sleep and breakfast at the hotel, but witnessing the Taj Mahal with my own eyes had forever been at the top of my list. 

We powered through the drive and stood inline waiting at the entrance. At the turn of the hour the doors opened and It was a sprint to get into position as a couple of  hundred people flooded in.

I took up position and tried to capture the photo (and my breathe) I will never forget the amount of people literally climbing on top of me while setting up tripods and snapping their shots, it was such a fun moment of pandemonium. Everyone had come to get their shot and nothing was going to stop them... including me!!

Shanghai - CHINA

It was the crack of dawn on my last day in Shanghai and I was on my way to the airport. 

I had honestly given up on any kind of sunrise or sunset as the smog had been pretty bad for the duration of my stay.

A storm had just passed and as my taxi driver drove down towards the water front the sky suddenly exploded with color. I couldn't believe it. My poor driver had no idea why I was so excited and trying to get out of his car, but with my bags on board and no time to explain in broken Chinese, I passed him the remainder of my cash and gestured for him to park up and wait for me.

For fear of losing all my clothes in the back of his cab, I only had a few short minutes, so I ran around trying to get as many  angles as possible. I had no idea  what to shoot and it was literally by accident that I stood in a massive puddle. My feet were soaked but I didn't mind, as it had stopped me in my tracks long enough to realize that the shot was right there for the taking.

Shibuya Crossing - JAPAN

Have you been to the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo??

Thousands of people collide here every day as they make their way across the city.

This is one of my favorite shots because I wanted to capture the emotion I felt myself.

The intense moment right before the lights change and the traffic stops.

There is an overwhelming sense to inch yourself forward like you are starting a race. It is a forced pause in our busy lives. Some will see it as an inconvenience, but it allowed me to take a moment to enjoy the experience and capture it forever. 

The Milky Way #2

Here's the result of a combination of good luck and patience. This was taken in the quirky little town of Marfa, TEXAS on my road trip in 2020.

Like many night time shots, this one took a certain amount of perseverance.

So much so, that a whole family of mosquitos were able to feast on my leg for a good half an hour.

Was it worth the following 5 days of a swollen, itchy leg?? Yeah of course it was!!

Central Park - NYC

Here's the beautiful Bow Bridge in Central Park.

It was the first cast-iron bridge in the Park and the second-oldest anywhere in America!

This is a long exposure during a very cloudy day in the fall (Autumn). I was hoping for a nice blue sky and fluffy white clouds but my luck wasn't in.

I love the diverse, vibrant colors of the trees and how they are reflecting on the lake all around the bridge. It's the perfect combination of man made splendor and mother nature existing together.

** Prints for purchase are titled and displayed on this page. Please email me if you wish to purchase an image that isn't listed. All images were taken by Christopher Pearce / Pearcey Proper and are edited in Lightroom with no photoshop, unless otherwise stated. All images are copyright of Christopher Pearce / Pearcey Proper 2020.

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